How to Thread Roll on Your CNC Machine Unattended?

Thread rolling on CNC machines unattended requires a closing scheme to reset the head after each rolling cycle. This is accomplished with a program move that will cycle the closing handle past a fixed point within the machine that will wipe the handle closed. Typically, a program change to the parameters must restrict turret movement to one fixed direction.

Two alternatives exist permitting the tool to close. The first is with a coolant driven attachment. The second locks the tool in a closed position and uses a Roll-On Roll-Off™ strategy. The two attachments achieve the desired result with the coolant closer using elevated coolant pressure available on some although not all CNC machines. The locking attachment can operate on virtually any machine at a significantly lower cost. The two strategies allow the parameters of the machine to remain unchanged and frequently do not add additional cycle time to the process. We are always available to discuss the most practical and cost-effective solution to your application.

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