Thread Rolling is NOT that difficult. If you think it is, we’re here for you!

There used to be an old saying “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” For too many years this saying could easily apply to thread rolling technology. For too many potential users it seemed too complicated, too difficult to understand. It was thought the tooling required could only be applied to multi spindle screw machines. The reality is it can be relatively simple to apply and even more appropriate to install on modern CNC equipment.

We have been involved in the application and development of thread rolling attachments for more than 50 years. Application knowledge and service have been the core strength of our organization servicing North America’s thread rolling users. We indeed cover North America and despite our location in the Eastern Time Zone, we service customers in the Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones as their workdays unfold. Our application engineers routinely monitor their phones daily. Accepting calls from end users throughout North America as their time dictates. Precise knowledge and dedicated service make our organization the “go to” people for thread rolling technology. Certainly, we want to sell thread rolling products but more importantly we want to support your threading applications. Knowing your threading history and machine applications give us confidence in your repeat business and provide you with the confidence to expand your application. Contact us, we’re eager to provide you with contact names and phone numbers of our people that can be your mobile guide.

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