A Safe Port in A Storm

This has been an objective of mankind since the invention of the ship.  The statement has grown to reflect shelter conditions in virtually any objective.

With the advent of Covid-19 the importance of a “Safe Port” has become a global objective. As a supplier to both big and small businesses our commitment is to continue “business as usual” within the circumstances surrounding us. Our supply from Italian manufacturers is limited due to the situation in their country.  Please keep our Italian friends in your thoughts and prayers.

However, most our suppliers are maintaining operations and many of our customers and suppliers are considered “Essential Businesses” and will continue in operation.  These Many parts of our country are still operating and require the same technical resources they were accustomed to during normal times.

We have added protection to our staff by initiating a “work from home policy,” limiting office staffing to handle shipping and answer phones.  Fortunately, this digital age makes it possible for us to practice social distancing within physical office and warehouse spaces and allow our home bound staff have the resources needed to serve you as usual.

Our team is available to answer your phone calls and emails.  We are eager to support you, process your orders and supply technical assistance whenever needed. Contact us with your individual needs, we’re here to help!.

Knurling and Swaging Made Easy

Fette thread rolling tools have versatility and can be applied to rolling other forms besides external threads. Knurling and swaging applications are easily done on axial, tangential and radial tools with great success. Axial heads are especially successful at rolling straight form, left hand helical, right hand helical and diamond knurl patterns.

The displacement of material forming the knurl pattern exhibits no sharpness in the formed knurl. This is especially important when handling knurled instruments wearing delicate gloves. Very fine to very course patterns are achievable and tooling set up is extremely easy. The application of rolling speeds, like threading, makes cycle times extremely short. This makes the tool application very cost effective.

Swaging is also easily adaptable and the axial approach to swaging yields consistent product quality hard to achieve with a side approach swaging tool. Distortion is nonexistent and swage roll life is extremely high. Symmetrical and step style swage forms can be accomplished. Form coining of nose radiuses is also done frequently. The tools are not limited to straight swage applications.  

If your current tool selection includes thread rolling heads you may not have known that they have applications beyond male threads. Contact us with your Knurling and Swaging applications. We can identify your current tooling and determine if it’s applicable. We can also quote a new application with all the necessary tooling.