Procedure for 1/2-13 UNC Roll On Roll Off® Thread Rolling System, Patent Pending

Tool setup

  •  Mill a .250” to 375” flat on the shank within .500” of the head if not already there.
  • The tool is assembled and setup.  The rolls are set with a gauge pin to the max Minor less .002”. see below

Machine setup

  •  Mount tool and sweep faceplate OD with an indicator – TIR total .005”

Process setup

  • Use sacrifice material-  program a .600” length to test roll a .500” long part,  Insure the material will not hit faceplate.
  •  Pre-turn for rolling = Mean of the Pitch or __.445”__
  • 30’ chamfer starting at  .015” under min. Minor. ___.372”____
  • Feed rate is Pitch less .0005” or ___.0764”__ Roll on and off at the same federate.
  • Sync tap (G84, G77) works best.   G34 with M03,04 spindle reverse- no dwell.
  • SFM- 125 SFM for low carbon steels, 100 SFM for SS and hi-nickel.  Increase after good part.  Call for confirmation.

Call before you hit cycle start.     704-849-9209  

Adjusting after first test roll-

Step 1- Minor Dia. and Pitch Adjustment-

  • Loosen 3 nuts and adjust tool +/-.  One witness line is .004”on Minor.  Center Pitch. 

Step 2- Major Adjustment-

  • Adjust pre-roll dia to the mean of the Major.  .001” change in pre-roll dia. = Major dia. change of .003”

Step 3- Adjust chamfer

  • Adjust for desired result.  Keep chamfer min of .010 under min Minor.  Material will “rollup about 15’. Alternative- cut after rolling.