Thread Rolling Generates Cost Advantage

For too many years rolling threads on metal parts was considered a “black art.”  And, indeed, depending on the individual circumstances, it was. Bump rolling was a popular method used on a variety of screw machines. It required precise knowledge of the application and careful design to achieve success. It was indeed a “black art” used exclusively by knowledgeable screw machine set up people. A broad variety of attachments began to appear on the scene dedicated to screw machine use. Ease of set up varied by manufacturer but none were simple. All required careful attention to set up requirements.

More recently screw machines have begun to give way to CNC machining. While threading can be accomplished on a CNC machine much easier than previous set up intensive screw machines, roll threading can be an even greater value to a CNC application.  Thread strength improves dramatically, and cycle time decreases dramatically. Frequently roll threading will impact so greatly on part cost that the shop utilizing rolling will have a significant cost advantage over a competitor. In a job shop atmosphere this can make the difference in winning versus losing a bid. Tool design has improved to make installation of some tools far easier than previous designs. Design continues to evolve, and applications continue to become easier to install and use. We strive to supply our customers with simple, easy to apply, instructions. Tooling is typically supplied with instruction well beyond that of the manufacturer.  Our advice and support provided with every sale minimizes the potential for mistakes. Our primary goal is to make every thread rolling customer a knowledgeable confident user.

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