Effects of a Smaller World

Global tooling sources are a common resource for virtually every country within our planet. North America, Europe, Asia, Scandinavia and Japan presently supply the bulk of the world’s requirements for metal working tools. The speed and efficiency of world travel has opened the world as a market place for technology no matter where the source. This advantage to manufacturing has only been achieved within the past few decades. Prior to the advent of speedier international travel, technology evolved but was localized.

The twentieth century is notable for warfare and advances in technology. We learned following Germany’s defeat in World War Two that they were within weeks of deploying their version of the Atomic Bomb. Certainly, this would have a devastating impact on Great Britain or the United States or both. Jet aircraft, rocketry, carbide cutting tools and thread rolling technology were a few of the revolutionary products developed for warfare by Germany. As victors, the Allied countries were the future beneficiaries of Germany’s strategic technologies. Today as our ally, Germany continues to develop tools and products that help manufacture products more efficiently and more cost effective.

Metalworking has been advanced with thread rolling technology that improves cost and performance of any threaded product. Carbide has been improved with new coating technologies and grades that have virtually eliminated the use of high-speed steels in manufacturing. As an example, Fette introduced a coated carbide insert for machining Aluminum that can achieve operating speeds to 10,000 SFM. Coated carbide nib taps that can outlast their steel counterpart by a 10 to 1 ratio. High speed milling spindles that start at 50,000 rpm. The revolution in development of metalworking tools is most visible at any tooling show throughout the world. Today’s manufacturer must research and deploy the best tool for a job or face being pushed aside by the competition. Among our strengths is external and internal threading. We can help improve your product performance and cost employing the tooling strategies just discussed. Simply contact us and challenge us to help you achieve the cost and performance benefits we’ve outlined.

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